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Everything you need to know about the Food Online Ordering System

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What is a Food online ordering system?

You may set up a system that enables your restaurant or cafe to accept orders and payments from customers both online and in person by using an online ordering system for Restaurants.

With this approach, customers can easily access a digital menu via mobile ordering. This can be done by keying in a link or scanning a QR code in the search field.

Once decided, your customer submits their order and makes payment at the same time. When the restaurant receives an order, what it needs to do is either deliver the food to the table of the customer or package it for delivery.

This significantly reduces the amount of time needed to complete an online order. Everything is done through a smartphone rather than communicating frequently with employees.

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How Does the Food Online Ordering System Work?

Food Online Ordering System is comparable in how they work. After placing an online order and paying for it, your customer can either have their food delivered or have it picked up at your restaurant. The online ordering process is simple:

  1. On their laptop or smartphone, your customer peruses your digital menu. They can either do this from home (also known as “click and collect”) or in front of your restaurant.
  2. They choose their menu items and include any delivery or meal instructions.
  3. They enter their card information into the system and pay directly. If you are accepting the order over the phone, you can also decide to send them a payment link.
  4. No payment information is saved on any device during the payment’s safe processing.
  5. Orders are either delivered to customers’ homes or made available for pickup.

Impact of COVID-19 on Online Ordering Systems

The worldwide pandemic has significantly changed how customers purchase food and services, with so many now choosing to order online. A recent Koala study found that about 70% of customers would rather place an online order than a physical one. These people will place their orders through an app or personal device because it is more useful.

Concerns about health and safety have raised potential for businesses to implement digital ordering while preserving customer involvement and creating options for customization across a variety of sectors. Expanding gift and loyalty programmes, offering contactless (curb side) pickup, partnering with food delivery services, and supporting easy menu maintenance are some solutions. These measures ensure everyone’s safety standards are met.

These solutions rethink the possibilities offered by numerous automation techniques, including self-ordering kiosks, QSR technology, web and mobile applications.

Businesses are now looking to implement strategic online ordering solutions due to the effects of COVID-19, a shifting competitive climate, and the ensuing change in consumer preferences.

Businesses can automate procedures, simplify menu administration, and make the most of multiple channels by implementing a well-integrated online ordering system.

Impact of COVID-19 on Online Ordering Systems

Online Ordering System advantages

Online Ordering System advantages

These are just a few of the many advantages of a well-designed and integrated restaurant ordering system, which continues to influence the restaurant sector as kitchen automation technology does:

  • Simpler menu administration
  • Support for showcasing daily specials and/or featured goods
  • Flexible gift and/or loyalty solutions
  • Lower costs/ordering errors
  • Higher average order per customer
  • Improved customer experience
  • Easy, flexible, and secure payment choices.

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Thoughts to Be Given When Installing a Food Online Ordering System

Cost: With the proliferation of online ordering platforms, a cost-benefit analysis is significant. Budgetary concerns are crucial, but so is the benefit received; certain solutions allow for setup and customization, which might result in a higher overall value.

Usefulness: It’s important to keep in mind that technology should support, not hinder, your organization when choosing automation. Whatever system you choose to implement for your company, it shouldn’t require more resources from you or your customers. A user-friendly online ordering process should be straightforward. Anything that takes too long or is too complicated may result in more abandoned orders.

Device compatibility: Before visiting in person, 89% of customers use their mobile devices to study the service providers. The majority of the preferred platforms used by your audience should be compatible with your Food Online Ordering System. A completely integrated as well as user-friendly online ordering system ought to be given top priority given the significance of the guest experience.

Integration: The optimal online ordering system enables your company to integrate with the technology you already have in place, such as payment systems, point-of-sale systems, gift and/or loyalty programs, meal plan programs, delivery fulfillment, etc. Integrations must automate and streamline processes in order to lower costs and reduce errors.

Support: Like any other technology used to interact with customers, digital ordering solutions need support. More users will rely on the availability of your platform as both your company and the use of your digital ordering solution expand. A provider of an online ordering system must be accessible to address any and all issues that may arise. So, it’s essential that your service provides response times and round-the-clock assistance.

Digital ordering with FerryPal

Agile solutions are being developed for the hospitality industry thanks to digital innovation, which has also altered how the public views the service sector. Customers need a unique experience to frequent your establishment again. As operators, you stand to gain a lot from FerryPal’s dependable and scalable omni-channel ordering platform. There are no additional commissions or taxes, and with FerryPal, you can boost your revenue by reaching more customers.

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