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Tips on how to improve speed of service and increase profitability in restaurants

speed of service and increase profitability in restaurants - FerryPal
There is a need to improve the speed of service in restaurants because fast restaurants satisfy customers, which leads to an increase in sales.

There is a need to improve the speed of service in restaurants because fast restaurants satisfy customers, which leads to an increase in sales. A fast-food restaurant might gauge its speed of service by counting the time that passes between a customer’s arrival at the drive-thru window and the delivery of their order. This is also the length of time it takes for staff to serve guests in a restaurant.

Service time is also dependent on the restaurant management system; if it’s lagging, it will take longer for you to deliver food. Restaurant operators can increase their service time by evaluating their current speed and putting into practise strategies to improve efficiency.

Restaurant service time can be sped up with the following simple tips:

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Tip #1: Automate as much of the process as possible.

Every restaurant owner yearns to find an answer to the question, “How to cut the wait time in restaurants?” And the answer is not simple. You need to add automation to restaurants.

The most profitable restaurants run incredibly effective supply chains. Utilizing technology created to address operational and growth difficulties for restaurants, they can operate with such efficiency.

The following are some factors to consider for restaurant owners who are thinking about automating their businesses:

  • Personalization and loyalty-based programmes should be implemented to keep clients interested.
  • Attracting clients with these engagement and incentive programmes (in person, online, and via mobile apps)
  • Estimating demand and capacity to forecast things like wait times, peak hour traffic, etc.
  • Gathering and analysing data to deliver actionable insights for the best times to sell particular items and/or services.
  • A working firm must connect the kitchen operations, back office, and front-of-the-house POS systems to create a cohesive, effective commerce experience that enables speedy transactions and payment processing. The ease of use and intuitive design of advanced POS solutions might contribute to faster service.
  • enhancing the working and dining environments so that both operators and customers can fully enjoy them. 

Tip #2: Monitor and manage staff performance.

Data about the certain performance of the entire restaurant are gathered as part of the restaurant monitoring process. Employees’ performance is a part of this, among other things. The system gathers the information required to identify the reasons for the restaurant’s failures. This aids in the planning of future knowledge base development for your restaurant.

How many tables can a waiter handle?

The staff has a big impact on how quickly and efficiently your restaurant runs. If you have enough employees to cover all the tables, you won’t get any complaints about late deliveries, but if you’re short on staff, your customers likely will. It is also important to calculate the Table Turnover. Table turnover measures the number of tables turned over during a specific time period. As long as you’re busy, a quick turnover allows you to serve more customers, which results in more money in your pocket.

Number of Guests Served* / Number of Seats = Table Turn Time

How often should you check the performance of your staff in a day?

Depending on the staff you have, you may need to check in on their performance more frequently if necessary. The best way to monitor server performance is to compare it with that of other workers; servers who have repeat customers are more useful in the long run and are better at winning your loyalty. It is also critical to calculate the labour cost percentage. The labour cost percentage is the percentage of your revenue that pays for labour.

Labor Cost Percentage = Labor / Sales

Tip #3: Streamline Your Processes

Restaurant management has its share of difficulties. Running out of ingredients, problems with the payment system, and a significant staff turnover are a few examples of these. You should seek ways to streamline your business operations because these problems have the potential to make or break your company. The vendors you purchase groceries from or the suppliers of your groceries should be listed in a diagram to streamline the process so that there is no extra time spent. It’s a simple way to store certain groceries without having to make a decision about how to process them.


Grocery store logistics process examples

The grocery store process diagram helps to save time as it already has the requirements mentioned and fulfilled before it processes, like the type of transportation, where to receive from, what type of storage is needed, etc. You may enhance the way your restaurant is run to make it more effective and profitable.

Tip #4: Encourage employee collaboration.

In a restaurant context, teamwork can boost staff morale, perhaps lower turnover, and guarantee that all restaurant activities run smoothly. What can you do to encourage improved cooperation among the employees of your restaurant? A business cannot succeed without teamwork, and you need to have a team that trusts you and works with loyalty.

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Here are 6 suggestions to improve restaurant teamwork:

  1. Clarify your restaurant’s objectives.
  2. Improve your training procedures.
  3. Organize casual social events.
  4. Ask for opinions.
  5. Allow your staff to work independently.
  6. Give incentives and prizes for cooperation.

Tip #5: The customer is always right.

You must show them respect if you want to develop strong bonds with your customers and keep them coming back to your restaurant often.

Look into a customer’s complaint if it arises. Make them feel as though their opinions, thoughts, and feedback are important. Customer satisfaction will increase as a result of better communication with them, which will also result in fewer errors. The more quickly the problem is resolved, the more favourable feedback you will receive about the speed of service.


It’s no simple matter to efficiently run a sophisticated, businesslike restaurant. Setting goals and achieving them are necessary for the restaurant to run well. Make sure that everyone who visits your restaurant—including the customers, the employees, and you, the owner—has a good time. By optimising its operations, these suggestions will help your restaurant get off to a successful start.

The success of a restaurant may be influenced by the performance of its workers. Your guests will be pleased if every member of your restaurant staff begins to complete their daily tasks diligently. These activities will help with customer retention and increase your overall sales. You need to build trust and loyalty among the staff to flourish your restaurant business, stand out, and win the hearts of your customers.

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